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A complete range of bookkeeping services ...

to keep your congregation running smoothly.


"I have found the Kesef team to be consistently responsive to our concerns … After a year, we are saving what we expected to save — and then some."

Amy E. Rubin
Director of Administration
The Jewish Center




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Client Testimonials

"Kesef knows the accounting side of not-for-profits. They've gotten us to look at our processes in ways we never did before. We now have financial controls that we didn't even realize we needed." Scott Allen, former Executive Director, Congregation Kehillath Israel, Brookline, MA

"Kesef has really helped us transform our accounts payable. Now there are no more late payments, and no out-of-the-way trips just to review and approve bills." Leisa Sarecky, CPA, Treasurer, B'nail Shalom, Olnay, MD

"Working with Kesef makes my job much easier. I can get the information I need, and readily share it with others who need to see it. They are very responsive." Janet Cord, Esq., Treasurer, Congregation Habonim, New York, NY

"Kesef knows the 'synagogue business.' They know the needs and demands of a congregation, they know the software applications, and they've helped us use them more efficiently." Charles Blackman Esq., Treasurer, Temple Emanuel, Providence, RI

"We find the service to be professional and focused on customer satisfaction with staff who are always willing to problem-solve, no matter what the issue.  Kesef has a deep understanding of the ways in which Jewish organizations run and an equally deep respect for our calendar. It is immensely helpful as a Jewish professional to have an accounting firm that already 'speaks' our language." Ellen Johnson, Synagogue Director, Congregation Sons of Israel, Briarcliff, NY

"Moving to Kesef allowed The Jewish Center to get access to a better technology platform and superior control processes than we could have accomplished on our own.  When sitting through a recent NAASE program on Fraud Prevention, I mentally ticked off recommendations that Kesef was already doing on our behalf — a good feeling. During the first three years as a client of Kesef, their work helped The Jewish Center save approximately $130,000 — that's counting the savings in staffing, banking, outside accounting and technology." Amy E. Rubin, Former Executive Director, The Jewish Center, Princeton, NJ

The Bookkeeping Solution for Your Congregation