About Us

Kesef is a national company

with clients all over the country

We have a wealth of expertise in accounting, bookkeeping and systems. In over 75 years of collective experience our founders have worked with organizations large and small, bottom-line driven and not-for-profit.

We noticed one thing consistently: small and mid-sized organizations have a desperate need for a reliable, efficient and affordable bookkeeping service. Synagogues in particular seemed woefully underserved. Administrators, board members and volunteers all had a common list of concerns:


• Special trips to approve expenses were inefficient for both board members and staff.

• Synching the books with your membership database software including Chaverware™, ShulCloud™, MM2000™ and others required special knowledge not contained within the synagogue.

• Only the bookkeeper knew where everything was.

• There was always a scramble to prepare reports before board meetings.

• Safeguards against fraud were inconsistent, too expensive or difficult to enforce.

• Paper was everywhere, but information was seldom readily available or relative.

• Auditor raised concerns about single-person control by the bookkeeper.

• Getting members to pay from snail-mail statements was costly.

Kesef Accounting Service was created to answer these concerns and provide a complete, seamless bookkeeping solution for synagogues. We make your information available to the people who need it, when they need it. Find out more about our services or meet our principals.

18 Reasons to Switch

#1: Save $20–$25 per congregant.

#2: Access reports and information anytime, 24/7.

#3. Review and approve payments from anywhere online.

#4. Obtain clear customized reports whenever you need them.

#5. Protect against fraud by following best practices guidelines.

#6. Eliminate the need for software and compliance updates.

#7. Streamline your board members’ workload.

#8. Free your staff for mission-critical tasks.

#9. Sync your books with your database software daily.

#10. Eradicate staff turnover and retraining costs.

#11. Go paperless!

#12. Maintain total control of your finances.

#13. Call Kesef with your accounting and bookkeeping questions.

#14. Know what your available cash is at all times.

#15. Contact us whenever you like; we never call in sick or take vacations.

#16. Full-time availability at less than the full time cost.

#17. Work with people who know the difference between a Yahrzeit and a Knish.

#18. We love synagogues!