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Services for Your Congregation

As the only firm in the US that specializes in synagogue bookkeeping, we are uniquely qualified in all issues unique to synagogues, such as fund raising, clergy compensation, handling of third party payments and restricted fund accounting and reporting, to name but a few. Kesef has also created synagogue-specific services such as website donations and the emailing of statements, all with the thought in mind of providing members user-friendly payment portals in a PCI-compliant environment to increase synagogue collections and improve cash flow.

All of our services use secure, reliable technology and information is available to your authorized users from any computer in the world 24 hours per day. In addition you can call our staff of fully qualified bookkeepers during any regular business day to get the answers you need. Contact Kesef Accounting Service to find out how we can help you minimize risk, maximize time and reduce overhead.

We provide complete bookkeeping solutions for your congregation or non-profit organization. Each of our services can be right-sized to meet your specific needs and working preferences. You can have as much — or as little — direct control as you like (except that Kesef staff never has access to your cash). Some of the major components include:

Chaverware™, Shulcloud™, MM2000™ and Quickbooks™ Services

• Synching and reconciliation

• Setup and clean-up

• Data conversions between Chaverware™, Shulcloud™, MM2000™ and Quickbooks™

• General ledger conversions from any general ledger to QuickBooks

Bookkeeping Services

• Invoice and payment processing through our paperless office software (board members can approve expenses from their own desks)

• Investigate and clean up bookkeeping issues

• Cash receipts management

• Bank reconciliation

• Chart of account fix-up or re-build

• Payroll

• Annual and periodic billings

Budgeting Services

• General ledger and bank statement reconciliation

• Budget preparation

Audit and Review Support Services

• Preparation and support for audits & reviews

• Expense evaluation

Reporting Services

• Monthly reporting for board meetings, donors and other custom purposes

• Monthly dues statements

• Restricted and named fund tracking and reporting

• Secure daily data backup

Other Consulting Services

• Conversions

• General Accounting Software to Quickbooks

• And any Chaverware Schulcloud Support


We know how hard it is to make a final decision when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping services. That is the reason we offer courtesy consultations!

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